About our company

Spider Project Team is a group of project management consulting and training companies. With headquarters in Moscow, Russia, we have branches, partners and representatives in other Russian cities, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Romania, USA.



We develop professional PM software Spider Project that is the most powerful and functional tool for project, program, and portfolio management.
We develop advanced approaches and methods of project management that are widely used by our customers in 37 countries. We provide training on project management and Spider Project software for our customers around the world.

We manage projects for our customers and implement corporate project management systems in companies of different industries.
We believe that good project management can improve our world and are happy to provide the best services and tools to our customers.
We are proud of our achievements.

Spider Project is powerful professional project management software with the unique functionality. The first SP version was launched in 1993 and since then it has been constantly improved. The current version is used in 37 countries. Spider Project offers numerous unique functional features and is the only PM software that optimizes resource, cost, and material constrained schedules and budgets for projects and portfolios.


The unique features of Spider Project include Quantity Based Scheduling, Conditional Scheduling, Skill Scheduling, Cost and Material Leveling, Resource Critical Path Calculation, Cash and Material Flow Calculation and Management, Trend Analysis, Intelligent Risk Simulation and Analysis, Calculation of Success Probability Trends, Management of Project Time and Cost Buffers, Application of Corporate Norms, Management of unlimited number of the parallel Budgets, Multiple WBS, OBS, MBS and many others.

Spider Project was used to manage many large scale programs in Russia, including the management of all construction projects for 2014 Winter Olympic Games and 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The application areas where Spider Project is successfully used include Aerospace, Banking, Construction, Defense, Energy, Engineering, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Metallurgy, Mining, Oil & Gas, Railways, Retail, Shipbuilding, Software Development, Telecommunications, Utilities, etc.

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